There hasn’t been a time in Maggie’s life when she hasn’t been singing. Aged 16 she first heard the amazing voice of Joan Baez and she was so impressed she went straight out and bought a guitar, from then on she discovered Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen,Tom Paxton & all the other wonderful singers of that era.

Then a friend took her to a Folk Club & she discovered Traditional music and the rest as they say is history.

When she writes her own songs they tend to reflect whatever has grabbed her attention on the day maybe a line from a radio interview as in “Cheap Daily Life”(the plight of Dairy Farmers, this song is on her new CD – Nine Turns of the Moon) Local legends or people she knows or have known make good song subjects.The West Country in general is very inspiring for songwriting.

Maggie first met Mike in the 1970’s when he played with The Faraway Folk.

Maggie plays acoustic guitar, spoons and provides the main vocals